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Backorder .au Domain Names

More often than not we have had to accept an inferior domain name just because our favourite domain name has already been registered. Imagine if you could have a chance at securing your top pick domain name and ensuring your business puts its best foot forward online.

Now you can. Once you place a domain backorder with Netfleet, our technology takes over. We will continually monitor your domain for it to become available, gets deleted or it expires. The moment it does, our system will attempt to register it for you in a matter of microseconds.

After years developing ultra low latency technology to register expiring domain names faster than anyone, we are proud to boast a 94% success rate at getting in ahead of the competition. Our system works.

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Note - only .au domain names and do not include http:// or www.

Why choose Netfleet?
Our core business since its inception in 2008, has been developing unbeatable technology to register expiring domain names ahead of the crowd. After years of refinement we are confident our solution will meet your needs. We are also partners with the leaders in domain name registration, hosting and cloud services throughout Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide, to offer you the best chance of securing the ideal domain name for your business.

Why place a domain backorder?
More often than not, your preferred domain name for your business is already taken. Often we settle for a second best domain name, be it longer, less memorable or perhaps in a different extension to the most popular choices. A backorder will monitor for your perfect domain name, to either complement or even replace your existing domain, maybe to be used for a future project, or equally important - stop your competitors beating you to it.

How much does it cost?
You can purchase a backorder to monitor your chosen domain name for 2 years at $199.95 AUD (inc GST). Your backorder investment includes:

Are there any exclusions?
Backorders will not be accepted for domain names that have already expired or are in pending delete. You can however bid on these names in our Daily Auction. Netfleet reserve the right to exclude some premium domain names from the backorder system however you will be notified of these exclusion prior to entering payment details.

We only accept one backorder per domain name - so if someone has placed a backorder on your chosen domain name already, you will not be able to order it.

Need help?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the Contact Us form.