General Netfleet Rules

  • When listing a domain name for sale, the seller must be the registered domain owner, or have full consent to list the domain name from the registered domain owner. The seller must not provide any false, misleading or inaccurate information regarding the listing.
  • When placing an offer on a domain name you will be required to register. Whilst registration allows a user to place offers on any domain name listed within these pages, Netfleet reserve the right to cancel any registration should any improper conduct occur.
  • Any offers on a domain name will be considered legally binding should the seller accept the offer. As such, buyers must not make offers without due consideration and be aware that should they not fulfill their side of such a binding contract, the seller may commence legal action to address this breach.
  • Sellers are encouraged to submit domain names with realistic price expectations and upon receipt of an offer that meets their published requirements are expected to follow through and transfer ownership of the domain. Failure to do so will leave the seller subject to legal action to address the breach of the implied contract of sale.
  • All offers and counter offers made are legally binding. Sellers are legally bound if the offer meets the target/buy now price. If no target/buy now price is set, acceptance of the offer is down to the sellers discretion, and once accepted, the seller is legally bound to transfer the domain name. Sellers are also legally bound by the counter offer they submit, and if matched, the domain will be marked as sold.
  • Offers are valid for 7 days. Once 7 days has passed, an offer cannot be accepted, and is no longer binding. We encourage you to respond to all offers as soon as possible utilising the counter offer feature.
  • Counter Offers are valid for 7 days. Once 7 days has passed, a counter offer cannot be macthed, and is no longer binding. We encourage you to respond to all counter offers as soon as possible.
  • Sale price does not include GST, if applicable.
  • A seller may push a domain to auction, whereby all active offers on the domain will be transferred to auction.
  • Netfleet will act ruthlessly to ensure the integrity of this domain name marketplace. This includes banning members without notice, recording and blacklisting IP addresses as well as reporting any legal impropriety to the relevant authorities.
  • Netfleet reserves the right to publicise all sales conducted through Netfleet.
  • All bids and offers are legally binding and cannot be retracted or removed for any reason.
  • Shill bidding (bidding that artificially increases a listings offer price or desirability), or bidding by individuals with a level of access to the seller's private listing information, is strictly prohibited on Netfleet.


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