Terms & Conditions - Snapper Australia and Snapper Backorders

By purchasing this product, you:

  • warrant that all information provided to register the domain name(s) (including all supporting documents, if any) are true, complete and correct, and are not misleading in any way, and the application is made in good faith;
  • agree to meet, and will continue to meet, the eligibility criteria prescribed in the .au Domain Name Administrator's (auDA) published policies for the domain name(s) for the duration of the domain name(s) licence;
  • confirm that you have not previously submitted an application to apply for the same domain name(s) with a registrar using the same eligibility criteria, and the registrar has rejected the application;
  • are aware that even if the domain name(s) are successfully registered, then your entitlement to register the domain name(s) may be challenged by others who claim to have an entitlement to the domain name(s);
  • are aware that auDA or the registrar can cancel the registration of the domain name(s) (that is, the domain name(s) licence) if any of the warranties set out above is found to be untrue,incomplete, incorrect or misleading;
  • certify that all domain names registered via Netfleet have a close and substantial connection to the person/business that they are intended to represent;
  • understand that Netfleet utilises the Netregistry Group registry connections in securing Snapper Australia and Snapper Backorders domains, and that the domains are instantly transferred to Netfleet on success;
  • understand that at the point of registration, a generic contact ID will be used to show a holding email address, until the invoice for the registration is paid, whereupon immediately the contact ID will adjust to the registrants email address and name (note, this does not change the registrant, just the contact ID)
  • understand that all domain names registered via Netfleet will remain and be managed by Netfleet, unless the domain is transferred by you to another registrar.
  • have read and fully understand the details laid out in the Domain Snapper Auction User Guide, including domain registration costs and payment obligations.
  • understand that Netfleet cannot guarantee successful domain registration
  • understand that if Netfleet successfully register a domain name to me being the winning bidder, I must pay the winning bid amount, plus domain registration fee of $44.95, plus GST.
  • agree that all domains registered via Snapper will have default nameservers set to dns1.netfleet.com.au and dns2.netfleet.com.au which shows a default Netfleet parked page, unless changed/removed in the Members Area under Account Information
  • agree and understand that I am not registering domain names for the sole purpose of resale, however may receive unsolicited enquiries through the default Netfleet parked page
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