Netfleet RSS Feeds and Networks

Netfleet RSS Feeds and Networks

Well, we've finally caught up with the rest of the world and Netfleet is now tweeting and poking around on Twitter and Facebook. We are actively recruiting followers and friends to avoid embarrassment, so why not check us out and become our friends today:

Furthermore, we have hundreds of RSS Feeds available to syndicate to one and all. Our RSS feeds allow you to see when our website has new content. This basically means you don't have to visit our website to see what's new - you can have the information fed straight to your own website or feed reader.

RSS, or 'Really Simple Syndication' Feeds can be added to your website using RSS Readers, or viewed directly from your web browser if compatible. There are hundreds available, and each differ depending on your operating system so you will have to choose an appropriate one that works for you.

Throughout the site, you will see RSS Feed icons such as the orange icon on various page headers, or the blue icon on the Domain Name Categories table:

Category Feeds

By clicking these icons, you will be sent to the RSS Feed. The URL that is displayed in your browser is the link to copy and paste in to your RSS feed reader and away you go!

Here's a selection of some of our most popular RSS Feeds to get you started:

Added <7 Days Ago RSS Feed Added <7 Days Ago
Added <14 Days Ago RSS Feed Added <14 Days Ago
Added <30 Days Ago RSS Feed Added <30 Days Ago