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    "We have used Netfleet for the past few years to successfully acquire premium domain names to help our business grow. Netfleet have always provided us with friendly and knowledgeable advice which adds real value to our online business growth. We have no hesitation in recommending Netfleet."

    Erhan Karabardak,

    Director, Cooper Mills Lawyers.

  • Meet the happy traders!

    "We have used Netfleet many times over the years to successfully acquire premium domain names to help our business grow. Not only does Netfleet provide a great domain marketplace, but they are an excellent company to deal with. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful - nothing ever seems too difficult for them. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

    Luke Howes,

    CEO, GimmeQuotes.com.

  • Meet the happy traders!

    "I’d like to thank the team at Netfleet for a great service and excellent auction platform, I’ve been buying expired domains for many years and have secured some gems using their service."

    Don Rankin,

    Director, Accommodation @ Australia Pty Ltd.

  • "We have purchased over a dozen domains from Netfleet. Sold a few too. Our best buy from Netfleet was an undeveloped domain for less than $10,000 that now adds almost $5000 in value to our company each and every month. We love Netfleet! Their customer support is top notch as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Netfleet to any company wishing to buy and/or sell a domain or website to grow their business."

    Steve Baxt,

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    Domenic Carosa,

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  • "I have been a Netfleet customer since 2008, and cannot speak highly enough of how they have evolved over the past few years. As a full time domainer, I use their Snapper platform almost every day to acquire domains at excellent prices. And as the owner of a successful domain name forum, I know that our community values the contribution that Netfleet continues to make to our marketplace. I’d hate to think where we would be without them!"

    Ned O’Meara,

    Owner, DNTrade.com.au.

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    "My company uses the 3 NetFleet platforms to acquire premium keyword rich domain names. We have acquired some very profitable domains using these platforms. The level of service provided by the NetFleet team is exemplary in terms of knowledge, timing & a willingness to help."

    Greg Brown,

    Owner, Acheeva Domains.

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    "I have been using Netfleets’ services for the last 18 months and in that time have purchased dozens of premium domains via their Snapper auctions at fantastic prices, many of which I’ve gone on to develop into sites that have already paid for themselves many times over. On a few occasions I’ve even used their services to divest some domains and websites that I no longer required and the process was simple, efficient and effective. In addition to their great platforms for both purchasing and seller domains the NetFleet team have always been responsive to questions, feedback and suggestions. All in all they have been a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend their services enough."

    Chris Cunliffe,

    Founder, InternetMarketingStrategies.com.au.

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    "We have used Netfleet many times over the years to successfully acquire premium domain names to help our business grow. They have most advanced auction platform in the domain market and it lets you buy or sell domain names in most convenient ways. They also have provided us with excellent service. They listen to their customers’ feedbacks and always try and meet their customers’ needs. Most importantly, they’re very friendly people enjoying what they’re doing."

    Jay K,

    Director, Logicstorm.

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    "I have been using Netfleet for several years now to obtain premium domain names that give my clients a real edge. The team at Netfleet are experts in their field, offer prompt support and have been great to work with."

    Chris Burgess,


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    "The Australian domain name market has advanced significantly, in the last few years, and thanks to Netfleet’s aftermarket and auction platforms it is now accessible to everyone. Over the years, there have been a number of domain names we would not have been able to secure without Netfleet’s help. For ourselves and for some of our clients (many being small businesses), Netfleet has provided the opportunity to purchase premium domain names that would have otherwise only been accessible to those with far greater technical and financial resources. Netfleet’s customer service has been second to none. Their staff have always been friendly, very helpful and, while they are extremely knowledgeable, they understand not everyone has the same level of expertise. Considering their excellent customer service combined with an industry leading platform, it is understandable why they are the number one marketplace for Australian domain names. I would not hesitate to recommend Netfleet to anyone interested in the benefits a better domain name can bring to their business."


    CEO, Traffic Sauce Pty Ltd.

  • Meet the happy traders!

    "I have used Netfleet since 2009 to acquire most of my premium domain names. Netfleet provide the utmost in personalised service, customer satisfaction and professionalism in handling my investments. I would highly recommend Netfleet to any new or experience domain name investor."

    Morgan Payne,