Guide to Domain Metrics

The following guide details the metrics used in the Domain Snapper Auctions for both Australia (.AU) and New Zealand (.NZ), the Aftermarket Auctions and Standard Catalogue Listings.

Please note, the metrics presented in the auction are intended as a guide only. You should do your own research to compliment these metrics. No liability is assumed for these metrics, and using these metrics in their entirety is at your own risk. Of course, we hope they help!


DA (Domain Authority) is a metric taken from Open Site Explorer, and predicts the domains ranking potential in the search engines based on numerous link metrics.


Short for Competition, is the number of Google Adwords customers who are competing over that phrase. The more organisations competing for the phrase, means that these different advertisers are all driving the price it costs to win that keyword higher and higher in the search results. Furthermore, it is a good indicator of how lucrative that industry/niche may be.


CPC, or Cost Per Click, is an amount an advertiser may pay a publisher for each click on the publishers website, that sends the visitor to the adverting site. The specific CPC we use is an average CPC generated from Google AdWords. This is measured in Australian dollers (AUD) for Domain Snapper Auctions Australia, and New Zeland dollers (NZD) for Domain Snapper Auctions New Zealand.


The Exact metric is taken from Google AdWords, and shows the average exact local search volume on Google per month, for that keyword(s), for that country (Australia or New Zealand).


The Phrase metric is taken from Google AdWords, and shows the average phrase local search volume on Google per month, for that keyword(s), for that country (Australia or New Zealand).


The Broad metric is taken from Google AdWords, and shows the average broad local search volume on Google per month, for that keyword(s), for that country (Australia or New Zealand).

PD (pendingDelete) or MS (Misspelling)

PD means the domain is in pendingDelete status due to possible breach of auDA policy. Click here for more information.

MS means Misspelling and is listed on auDAs' list of prohibited misspellings.  Click here for more information.

Industry Categories

Our system uses industry categories to attempt to classify the domain names.

IBL Data

An extension to our IBLs metric. This information shows the actual In Bound Links, both the website and the IP address of linking website. Viewing this data can help establish the calibre of the IBLs. Furthermore, multiple links from the same IP address can sometimes diluate the links worth.

Previous Sales Data

Using the Phrase of the domain name, the system attempts to show past related domain name sales, and importantly, what the domain names sold for.

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