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There are 4 types of bids in our Auctions namely Fixed Blind Bids, Proxy Bids, Fixed Bids and Buy Now.  Proxy Bids, Fixed Bids are currently inactive.

Sealed Bid / Fixed Blind Bids,
Active and the default format since 21/10/2013, this means the price you offer is the price you pay as long as no one else outbids you and as long as we catch the domain name. Your bids are further hidden from other participants view so you do not need to bid in a rush at the end of the auction.  We will not show any prices on our auction platform until after the auction closes.

Proxy Bids (also called Automatic Bids),
This means the price you enter will be your hidden maximum, and the system will automatically bid you up on your behalf, only ever $1 over the next highest bid.  For example, if the current price is $40 (and that is the bidders maximum) and you enter a proxy/automatic bid of $100, the current price would be $41. (Inactive since 21/10/2013)

Fixed Bids,
This means the price you enter will be the price you pay (as long as no one else outbids you). This type of bidding is also called jump bidding and is only available on the single domain view which you get by clicking on the domain you are interested in purchasing or finding the domain via the search page. (Inactive since 21/10/2013)

Buy Now,
Some auctions may have a Buy Now price.  If the Buy Now price is reached either by clicking the Buy It Now button, or by submitting a bid equal to or above the Buy Now price, the domain will be marked as sold to the buyer in the database if you are the first person to hit the Buy Now. The sold status will not be displayed to other participants until after the auction ends, and you will find out if you were the first person to hit the Buy Now button.

Some auctions on Netfleet may have a hidden reserve set by the seller.
All bids on Netfleet exclude GST, and will incur a Buyers Premium.

Catalogue Domains

All offers on catalogue domains are Fixed Offers.  This means the price you enter will be the price submitted.  For example, if the current price is $40 and you enter a bid of $100, the current price would be $100.  Catalogue Domains are not in an auction scenario, and they have no end date, so follow an offer/counter offer/acceptance format.  All offers/counter offers do however expire at 2pm AEST 7 days from the time the offer was placed, and can longer be accepted once expired.

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