We have been providing a platform to sell Australian domain names on Netfleet since 2008 when the prohibition on selling domain names in Australia was lifted.   We are proudly the largest domain name aftermarket globally, having sold more .au domain names than any other company.  We average between 1000 – 1500 sales each month, and this figure keeps on growing.   You can search and view all of our domain name sales here.  

          Domain Catalogue – Domains are listed in our Domain Catalogue section, there is no end date for your listing.  The Domain Catalogue follows a traditional offer/counter offer process, and if both parties agree to a price, the domain is successfully sold to the buyer. 

We provide an end to end solution for selling your domain names.  Specifically we offer the platform to promote and sell your domain names, secure funds transfer (much like escrow – we receive the funds from the buyer, and only release to the seller once domain name ownership has changed), all invoicing, automated domain ownership change (change of registrant), and many other services to manage the transaction on your behalf.

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