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6 Month Prohibition on Change of Registrant Removed!

Today is the day that the 6 month prohibition on change of registrants has finally been removed. Now, you are free to transfer a domain name to a different registrant with no waiting period. You could register an Australian domain name in the morning, and sell it to another party by the afternoon.

The updated policy from auDA (the .au Domain Administrators) can be found here:

However, it is very important to note, that under auDA policy:

“..a registrant may not register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to another entity.  Where a registrant is found to have breached this policy rule, auDA reserves the right to cancel the domain name licence and delete the domain name.”

The changing of ruling is a great move for the fluidity of domain name sales in Australian, and an important step in creating a less restrictive aftermarket in Australia.

Best wishes,

5 Responses to “6 Month Prohibition on Change of Registrant Removed!”
  1. Mike Leembruggen

    I had no idea you couldn’t register a domain name in Australia for the sole purpose of selling it. What does it matter anyway?

    How is it any of auDa’s business?

    Is there something I’m missing here? What’s the problem with it?


    • Mark

      Hi Mike

      Well, auDA are the governing body for the .au domain name space – and with it, they have the power to delete any .au domains if they feel they have sufficient grounds (eg your eligibility for the domain contravenes their policies). One such policy is you cannot register a domain for the sole purpose of resale. Please see here:

      <a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;

      Having said that – auDA is a complaints based organisation, and generally will not act unless they receive a complaint. Furthermore, specifically for the sole purpose of resale clause, of course if you had intentions to develop the site (and maybe didn’t get a chance to yet), or had parked the site to get some revenue from advertising, it could be demonstrated you did not register the domain for the <strong>sole</strong> purpose of resale


  2. Rebekah

    Hi, great news to here! I am a little confused however and forgive me I am new to this industry! You said the 6 month wait is lifted and you can buy a domain in the morning and sell by the afternoon however then you mention to keep in mind how it is a breach to register a name for the sole purpose of selling? Doesnt that contradict the first statement? or is there something i’m missing again sorry if it is obvious to everyone else, just want to be clear before getting my self in trouble lol



    • Mark

      Hi Rebekah

      That’s correct – the key word here is ‘sole’. If you were to register a domain name for the sole purpose to sell it, you run the risk of breaching auDA policy if a complaint is made. Of course, if you have plans to develop or monetise the site, or anything that can show you did not have the sole purpose of selling the domain, that you would most likely not breach this policy.

      auDA would only react on the basis of a complaint, and each complaint would be judged on a case by case basis. If you are unsure, I’d suggest you contact auDA


  3. Sean

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