Aftermarket Auctions Are Back!

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the long awaited relaunch of our popular Aftermarket Auctions platform on Netfleet. Quite different from our previous platform, we now have the ability to run multiple auctions at any one time. What’s more, is that each seller is given the option to choose their own, unique URL displaying only their domain names for sale. Sellers can also choose the length each domain name will run for.

All auctions will feed in to our Aftermarket Auctions – Hot Domains as they approach the close of auction, plus we will include other ‘Hot Domains’ in this auction.

Another exciting addition to the Aftermarket Auctions is an extended bidding feature.   Essentially, any bid in the last 5 minutes for a domain name, will extend the auction for a further 5 minutes.    This hopefully is a great step to eradicate snipe bidding on the platform.

Further details on this can be found in our newly reorganised Support Centre which details importantly articles such as the How To Guide – Aftermarket Auctions and Terms & Conditions – Aftermarket Auctions

A further improvement is upon sale – the domain name will enter the Netfleet Assisted Sales process whereby we will help both buyer and seller complete the sale, including acting as an agent on behalf of the seller in selling their domain name, receiving funds, monitoring change of registrant, and subsequently releasing funds.   Further details on this can be found in the How To Guide – Netfleet Assisted Sales and Terms & Conditions – Netfleet Assisted Sales

Please let us know if you come across any bugs, or have any questions on the whole process

All the best,

The Netfleet Team

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