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Domain Name Sales Activity – 30th January to 12th February

As we rounded out January and began the new month, premium domain sales have shown little sign of slowing down. Following on from the seven names that featured in our last list, this time another four entrants found themselves the story of the last fortnight. A standout winner and a fantastic name in its own right, was registered for a total of $7,309.45. Securing the name was a sole trader who currently operates, one of the nation’s most prominent suppliers for a range of custom made kitchens. Not only is this short acronym one of the most recognisable […]

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Domain Name Sales Activity – 19th September to 25th September

Another week has seen Netfleet involved in the exchange of four premium domain names. This week saw a variety of names break the $1,000 mark – from keywords for services and products, to a short punchy name, and there was even a two letter name which changed hands. Here are the details. Our highest selling domain for the week went to, which was acquired on the 22nd of September by a private domain name investor for the sum of $1,404.65. The investor in question has opted to park and advertise the domain for resale. With the short, recognisable and […]

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Domain Name Sales Activity – 12th September to 18th September

This edition of our premium domain name sales report involves four names that were acquired during the last week. First up, and taking its place at the top of the highest selling domains for the week, was Selling on the 11th of September for $4,009.45, the domain now sits with Lee A. Gray and Associates Pty Ltd. The business is in fact a large, longstanding podiatry practice operating in the Western Australian suburb of Booragoon. Currently, said business is trading as The Perth Foot and Ankle Clinic, using as its domain name. This new name however, will offer […]

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Domain Parking with Netfleet

A new year is upon us, and to kick things off in 2012 we are excited to announce our new free Domain Parking solution. One of the most effective ways to sell a domain name is to advertise on your website directly, and our parking solution provides just this. The service is completely free, and domains parked with Netfleet will show a a simple for sale page, with enquiry form, and the ability to buyers to contact you directly from your domain name, or direct buyers straight to your listing on Netfleet. Set up is fast and simple, and you’re […]

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Snapped Domains – Default Name Servers

We wanted to inform you that we have developed a default landing page for all domain names registered via the Snapper Auctions. Once a domain name is snapped, the domain will point to this landing page using Netfleet name servers automatically, whereby visitors will be given an explanation of the page, and the ability to register an interest in the domain name, and make an unsolicited offer for the domain. Upon receiving an offer via this method, you will be notified and can decide whether to respond. To see an example of this page in action, please click the following […]

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