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Important Changes to our Auction format

We have been experimenting with different auction formats over the past few weeks in order to find the best solution format for selling domain names. On 21st October we will trial first price sealed bid auctions. In short, we will not show any prices on our auction platform, with all bids being fixed offers (being the price you enter [plus the buyers premium] will be the price paid – there will not be a proxy bidding system), and at the end of auction the highest offer wins. We will also be setting BIN prices on a selection of domain names. […]

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Retirement of Aftermarket Auction

We have decided to retire our current Aftermarket Auction format after 12 months of hit and miss results and to focus our attention once again on the For Sale/Domain Catalogue option. The format failed to achieve the objectives I set for it in October 2012. Even though it performed well on volume it never gained much traction in achieving prices comparable to the Offer / Counter offer process in the Domain Catalogue. We tried our best to increase the number of eyes seeing the auctions by merging them with the popular expired domain auctions but they still failed to gain […]

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Fixed bid option is back!

We have just re-introduced the fixed bid ability in the single domain view again, this time it is available in an optional format so you can place an initial fixed bid if you wish and a backup proxy bid above it too. You’ll notice the Auctions page each domain now has a hyperlink to a single page view. This shows the domain broken down in to it’s simplest view, whilst having all the information you would ever require, just a short click away on the same page. You can read about the different bid options here Bids and Offers on […]

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Graph showing Count of Aftermarket Sales at

Some figures on how the domain name aftermarket is faring.

As we say goodbye to summer, we wanted to share some figures on how the domain name aftermarket is faring, particularly on Netfleet. We’re happy to say that business is booming! In November, as you will know, we integrated our aftermarket domain auctions into our daily snapper auctions for expired domains. The rationale was that it seemed that the expired domain auctions were stealing the limelight when there were some great names being put up for sale by you, our members, that deserved more attention. We also made it completely free to add reserves if your name is at Netfleet […]

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Free Aftermarket Auctions (with reserves) and Hot Leads

Has the 4% listing fee for reserve prices on the Aftermarket Auctions been keeping you from listing your premium domains names? We are now offering zero upfront cost Aftermarket Auctions (with reserve prices) if is the registrar for the domain. To Transfer your domains to Netfleet go to We have been running our current format of Aftermarket Auctions since November 2011 so I thought it was time to share some insights into what I have observed in the last 10 months. There have been 850 completed sales, with a success rate just under 10% 82% of the sales […]

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Additional information for more informed purchases

If you are an experienced user you are probably already familiar with our Extended view of the auctions, which contain metrics to aid you when picking your favorites. This view just got more powerful with the inclusion of Phrase and Broad Search volumes. These are the average monthly local (AU) searches per month according to Google Adwords. This additional data will compliment the existing Exact Search volume, Estimated Cost per click (CPC), Domain Authority (DA) and Competition (Comp) data. If you have not used this view before then be sure to check it out and see what you have been […]

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Domain Metrics and Navigation Added to Aftermarket Auctions

Just a quick update, we have added a new detailed view to the Aftermarket Auctions that will display available metrics for each domain name, such as Google search volumes, In Bound Links, Cost per Click, and more. You can view our Guide to Domain Metics which explains exactly how each metric is gathered, and how they help you as a buyer decide which domain names you want. We have also  added search functionality, and the ability to jump from auction to auction. Thanks Mark

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Aftermarket Auctions Are Back!

Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce the long awaited relaunch of our popular Aftermarket Auctions platform on Netfleet. Quite different from our previous platform, we now have the ability to run multiple auctions at any one time. What’s more, is that each seller is given the option to choose their own, unique URL displaying only their domain names for sale. Sellers can also choose the length each domain name will run for. All auctions will feed in to our Aftermarket Auctions – Hot Domains as they approach the close of auction, plus we will include other ‘Hot Domains’ in […]

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