Domain Name Summary – 7th August to 13th August

Although the value of this week’s premium domain sales wasn’t up to the pace of past weeks, there were still another 4 names to add to our growing tally. We’ve now surpassed $60,000 in sales since July 1st, with this figure not including the countless names sold for under $1,000 a piece. Let’s look at the latest additions.

A very specific domain leads recent sales from last week, as was registered for a total of $2,359.45. Stump grinding refers to the practice of using a power tool to chip away at the stump of a tree in the ground so that it may be removed. While it is a very particular niche, this also means there is a distinct advantage to being a leader within the corresponding services field. As such, a descriptive keyword name that highlights and promotes what the website is about positions the end user ahead of its peers. Of course, some element of carefully executed SEO integration will be necessary.

Following closely behind was one of the better value domains we’ve featured for some time. An existing client picked up for the bargain price of $2,128.45. With a fairly stable level of demand, as well as considerable branding appeal, the name suits a large range of end users who could take advantage of it. Numerous industries ranging from finance to retail, as well as the likes of consumer bodies may find interest in a name of this nature which can be marketed strongly.

One potential concern is whether web users may misinterpret the name zero as the number. However, given the rarity of single number based domains, we don’t expect this to be a problem. On the resale market it would be a surprise if the name is not picked up quickly by another party for a higher price.

Just making the grade as premium domains were two descriptive keyword names picked up by the same domainer.

First, was acquired for $1,083.45. The domain is likely to attract interest from the automotive industry in the resale market. Given there are numerous players in this space who deal with parts, there may be sufficient volume to drive the market value of this domain higher than the registration cost. Interest would largely be propped up by consistently high level of Google search interest for the terms “truck parts”.

The other domain to just make the cut, and in the process complete this week’s report, was With a purchase price of $1,057.05, the name is another matching descriptive name with strong underlying search interest. It is worth noting however, the demand variability at the year’s end. Web interest slips around Christmas and New Year’s Eve before recovering strongly a week into the New Year.

Retailers are those most likely to express interest in this name as an end user. Smaller stores could leverage a name like this to better compete with larger, more established peers. On the other hand, these larger peers could further consolidate their position and move deeper into online retail as a channel for office supplies – an area that is still yet to mature.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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