Domain Name Sales Activity – 26th September to 16th October

After a three week hiatus, we’re back with the latest update regarding premium domain name sales through Netfleet. This edition covers four names which passed the $1,000 barrier, and as always, our thoughts are included for each domain.

Edging out its peers to take the honours for the top selling domain was Picked up by a private domain name investor, the name is likely to have gathered attention due to its two letter composition. While the letter mix isn’t perhaps as lucrative as some other two-letter combinations, domainers and registrants are typically drawn to a name like this because of its short, memorable nature. In this instance, the domain was sold for $1,209.95, with the new registrant wasting little time in advertising it for sale.

Next up, was sold for $1,149.45. In what could easily be described as a perfect fit, the new registrant is a company called LeisureCom Group Pty Ltd. The company also operate under a similarly named business name, LeisureCom Travel Group – in essence, a travel specialist with property partners across the globe. The acquisition looks set to become one of the better value registrations we’ve seen of late, particularly because of the benefits it will afford its new owner. For starters, the company currently operate with a somewhat confusing domain name – and no, that first ‘com’ isn’t a typo!

Now attracting the shorter, simpler version of their business name, which also coincides with a keyword possessing notable search volume, the business should begin to see an increase in search traffic. Not only through new customers, but those who may have previously made the mistake of omitting the ‘com’ within the old domain. Additionally, the company now has access to an Australian domain name, which will afford its customers a sense of understanding, insight and security into the operations of the business.

Selling for the same sum as the aforementioned domain was In almost identical circumstances, the new registrant of the domain will also be a company who share their name with the domain in question – Commstech Australia Pty Ltd.

Set to benefit from the name change, the company was previously using Not only does this domain name fail to highlight the company’s target demographic, but there is a high chance that web traffic may be lost due to customers forgetting to type the hyphen – something often advised against when choosing the right domain name. Another astute purchase, the benefits realised from this name change should more than cover the costs incurred.

Last but not least, squeezing into the list was, which came in at $1,028.45.A keyword oriented domain, yet one that has great potential for branding purposes, the name was acquired by a private company. Said company has a history of operating under several business names, some of which pertain to websites and design. The registrant has also been the holder of multiple domain names, suggesting this may be held for investment purposes. Nonetheless, with a memorable title, and high branding appeal, the domain could sell for a greater sum if the right buyer comes along.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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The Netfleet Team


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One Response to “Domain Name Sales Activity – 26th September to 16th October”
  1. Joel

    re: – "Said company has a history of operating under several business names, some of which pertain to websites and design."

    A fantastic brandable domain, but it can’t be used in that field unfortunately due to an existing trademark. Lots of other great uses though and potential buyers.

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