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Important Changes to our Auction format

We have been experimenting with different auction formats over the past few weeks in order to find the best solution format for selling domain names. On 21st October we will trial first price sealed bid auctions. In short, we will not show any prices on our auction platform, with all bids being fixed offers (being the price you enter [plus the buyers premium] will be the price paid – there will not be a proxy bidding system), and at the end of auction the highest offer wins. We will also be setting BIN prices on a selection of domain names. […]

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Fixed bid option is back!

We have just re-introduced the fixed bid ability in the single domain view again, this time it is available in an optional format so you can place an initial fixed bid if you wish and a backup proxy bid above it too. You’ll notice the Auctions page each domain now has a hyperlink to a single page view. This shows the domain broken down in to it’s simplest view, whilst having all the information you would ever require, just a short click away on the same page. You can read about the different bid options here Bids and Offers on […]

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Additional information for more informed purchases

If you are an experienced user you are probably already familiar with our Extended view of the auctions, which contain metrics to aid you when picking your favorites. This view just got more powerful with the inclusion of Phrase and Broad Search volumes. These are the average monthly local (AU) searches per month according to Google Adwords. This additional data will compliment the existing Exact Search volume, Estimated Cost per click (CPC), Domain Authority (DA) and Competition (Comp) data. If you have not used this view before then be sure to check it out and see what you have been […]

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Win $2,000 with

Well, here we are nearly a 3rd of the way through 2012, and what a start to the year.   We’ve seen some huge domain sales already – notably the 6 figure sale for $100,000, backed up by it’s cousin for $33,000, not to mention great sales such as for $22,000, for $8,700, at $6,350, and hundreds more.   With all these Australian domain sales flying around, we thought it we should have a little fun and test your domain sale knowledge, and launch our competition on Netfleet, giving you the chance to win $2,000 credit […]

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Today we saw the auction and subsequent snapping of the domain at for $33,001 after it was allowed to expire by the previous owner. According to Google the exact search phrase “home loan calculator” is searched for in Australia 33,100 times a month.  Meaning it sold for basically $1 for every monthly search, which looks like a fantastic deal when you consider that a click for this very competitive search term is worth about $5,65. It is worth remembering that with expired domains the buyer only had 24 hours to made a decision and to get involved so […]

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Single Domain Page with Fixed Bid Option

Our developers have been busy, and just completed their latest task on Netfleet, and rolled out a single domain view, with fixed bid ability for our Snapper Auctions. You’ll notice on the Snapper Auctions page each domain now has a hyperlink to a single page view. This shows the domain broken down in to it’s simplest view, whilst having all the information you would ever require, just a short click away on the same page. A big change for this view is fixed bidding. Traditionally, all bids were proxy/automatic bids on our Snapper Auctions, however in the single domain view, […]

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Today saw the release of the premium generic keyword domain In a furious public auction today this domain reached the record setting price of $22,002, surpassing the recently announced sale of the closely related which was sold late last year for $18,200. This is now the highest publicly recorded sale of a for a domain name only. Showing that for premium generic keyword domains a is still a domain worth owning. Netfleet was pleased to snap this domain for our client. It will be interesting to see what they do with this domain name as […]

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Snapped Domains – Default Name Servers

We wanted to inform you that we have developed a default landing page for all domain names registered via the Snapper Auctions. Once a domain name is snapped, the domain will point to this landing page using Netfleet name servers automatically, whereby visitors will be given an explanation of the page, and the ability to register an interest in the domain name, and make an unsolicited offer for the domain. Upon receiving an offer via this method, you will be notified and can decide whether to respond. To see an example of this page in action, please click the following […]

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Snapper Past Results Are Back

Happy to say we’ve got a much requested feature back on Netfleet – the Snapper Past Results/History. Many of us often miss the domain purge, and if you are not watching our platform at the right time, can miss the results. Both our Snapper Auctions Australia and Snapper Auctions New Zealand now show past results for Australia here: And for New Zealand here: Thanks, Mark

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Today we saw the purge and subsequent snapping of It was a very exciting auction with the price breaking our previous highest sale of for 30K with more than an hour left on the auction. When the hammer fell at one minute to one we had a new record highest sale price at of $125,001 (xGST). This is the highest publicly recorded sale of a at this time with only the domain included – a clear indicator of how the Australian domain name market has matured over the past few years. Amazingly, this domain was allowed […]

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