Your Chance to Claim Gold

Every so often, here at Netfleet we’re involved in the sale of a domain name that we know will capture the attention of the domain name community. This time, we’re confident our latest high profile domain, will eclipse several records. What makes us so confident?

First of all, a name of this nature has broad appeal to a wide range of people. Not only would domainers be eyeing the sale with a view to make an investment in a potentially lucrative asset, but end users would also stand to gain from access to this web address. Besides gold being one of the strongest keywords imaginable because of its significance as an item of value, the name is also extremely memorable due to its short nature and the desired status that inherently accompanies the metal product.

Businesses within the resources, retail and finance sectors, among others, could all incorporate a name of this nature to generate strong SEO engagement and significantly boost their web traffic. And just like the rare commodity itself, any asset that is highly sought after and limited in supply will fetch a premium price.

In this instance however, our seller has settled on a starting price that represents future value for prospective registrants, regardless of their intended use. With bids starting from $200,000, the name represents a very fair pricepoint for an asset of this quality, particularly when you consider historical sales within the industry. Take for instance, which last year sold for £600,000 – a record for the TLD. Locally, the most similar sale is arguably, which sold for $1,600,000. Some of the next highest selling domains include for $250,000, for $200,000, and for $153,000 – all wonderful names, but not quite with the same impact or diverse appeal as

Demand is supported by the long term underlying trend for the keyword gold, which has benefitted from a consistently high level of search traffic across the last five years. More specifically, an average of 33,100 searches per month are made by Australian Google users for the term “gold”. Also notable is the seasonal peaks experienced at the very end of each year, as well as every four years in February and August – typically aligning with the Winter and Summer Olympics respectively.

Last but not least, Netfleet has already been involved in the sale of some of Australia’s highest selling domains. With examples such as, and, our buyers have identified the superior value offering that we afford customers on both sides of the transaction.

If you would like to receive further information about or the sale process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Most importantly, to place your bid, follow this link.

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The Netfleet Team


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One Response to “Your Chance to Claim Gold”
  1. Chris

    Would be interesting to see what fetched on the NetFleet expiry auction platform.

    I suspect it would do quite well.

    Does NetFleet have any plans to relaunch its AMA auction for existing domain owners?

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