November News

November is an exciting time for Netfleet. Improvements are being made everywhere to help our clients secure the best domain names available.

Advancing our alerts functions

In the coming weeks Netfleet will be launching new advanced alerting functionality that will better help you target keywords and monitor for domain availability.

We have taken advantage of the latest keyword building techniques provided from Google’s summer of code project and implemented it into our email alerting. Once this feature is available you will be able to more precisly target domains that are relevant to you keep and eye on for when the option becomes available to tweek your alerting.

New faster domain snappers

Exitingly our newest snapping servers are in production we should see them grabbing names faster than ever before for our clients.

We have spent a lot of time and money working out how to shave a few extra micro seconds off the snapping speed in a hope it gives Netfleet customer the edge in domain acquisition. Several new servers have been deployed with the fastest possible speeds available these servers are showing a big performance boost on our old infrastructure hopefully this means more domains for our clients.

Big successes in backordering

We have recently seen an increase in the use of our back ordering system, and for good reason. Its an easy submit and forget way to secure the best name for your business just a few days ago the back ordering system was able to snap the domain

Submitting a backorder will set the netfleet system to watch for your nominated domains availability. If the domain becomes available rather than compete at auction for your name we remove the name from the public auction and only go after it for you.

Its an awesome way to secure the perfect domain speeks for that. check out how simple it is now

Our customer forum results are in

As many of you are aware over the last month we ran a customer feature request forum. Thanks to all the customers who submitted ideas for amazing ways we can improve the Netfleet platform.

The results are in and over the next few weeks the development team at Netfleet will be scoping the requirements to implement a significant number of the ideas, based on customer voting.

This means between now and the end of the year we should see new features which include –

  • Zone management functions
  • Re-introduction of client auctions and client to client communications
  • Improvements to the parking pages
  • Even faster transfer process removing the red tape
  • Bid retraction window

The number of responses and the contributions were all really appreciated once these few changes are in place we hope to open the forum again so we can build the Netfleet that our clients want to use .

5 Responses to “November News”
  1. Happy

    The backorder option is a fantastic service!

  2. Domainer

    Great initiatives being proposed. Looking forward to them.

    However, not happy with some aspects of your back-order service. Wrote about this here:

    • Jonathan Gleeson

      I’ll add investigation of potential solutions to prevent this to our list.

  3. Chris

    Very exciting news!

    I can’t wait to see the reintroduction of client auctions, improved parking pages and better communications systems!

    • Jonathan Gleeson

      Thanks Chris we are exited by these new developments scoping and testing is almost complete on the first of these

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