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Domain Name Sales Activity – 29th August to 11th September

Spring is upon us, and with a change of seasons it appears some business owners were keen to secure themselves a new domain through Netfleet. The last fortnight saw three premium domain names sell for in excess of $1,000, with each representing a high quality purchase at great prices. Our highest selling domain across the last fortnight went to, which sold on the 2nd of September for a final sum of $3,679.45. A fitting purchase, the new owner in instance is none other than Openpay Pty Ltd, an online payment facilitation business that also operates under the name Jam […]

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Domain Name Sales Activity – 24th August to 28th August

Securing its place as one of the most active weeks for sales at Netfleet, we’ve seen significant interest for expired domains. In fact, in less than a week, we finalised sales for six premium domain names over $1,000! Looking back at the last 11 days, we’re averaging approximately one premium domain name sale per day! This means, if you’re chasing a particular domain, you’ll have to act decisively to secure it. Making its way to the top of the list for the week, was sold on the 26th of August for $3,459.45. Its new owner, Tan & Tan Australia […]

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September Sale at Netfleet

Spring has sprung and we are celebrating the new season with two special offers – use them together to achieve maximum bang for your buck! Both offers are available for all domain name auction sales from Sunday 1st September to Monday 30th September (inclusive). $10 First Bidders discount It’s back! Get in first and bid on any Domain Name at auction and you will receive a $10.00 first bidders discount. That means that every single name purchased in the auction is $0 reserve and $0 minimum bid. Approx. 1000 domain names expire in Australia every single day – with approx […]

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Today we saw the auction and subsequent snapping of the domain at for $33,001 after it was allowed to expire by the previous owner. According to Google the exact search phrase “home loan calculator” is searched for in Australia 33,100 times a month.  Meaning it sold for basically $1 for every monthly search, which looks like a fantastic deal when you consider that a click for this very competitive search term is worth about $5,65. It is worth remembering that with expired domains the buyer only had 24 hours to made a decision and to get involved so […]

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Single Domain Page with Fixed Bid Option

Our developers have been busy, and just completed their latest task on Netfleet, and rolled out a single domain view, with fixed bid ability for our Snapper Auctions. You’ll notice on the Snapper Auctions page each domain now has a hyperlink to a single page view. This shows the domain broken down in to it’s simplest view, whilst having all the information you would ever require, just a short click away on the same page. A big change for this view is fixed bidding. Traditionally, all bids were proxy/automatic bids on our Snapper Auctions, however in the single domain view, […]

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Today saw the release of the premium generic keyword domain In a furious public auction today this domain reached the record setting price of $22,002, surpassing the recently announced sale of the closely related which was sold late last year for $18,200. This is now the highest publicly recorded sale of a for a domain name only. Showing that for premium generic keyword domains a is still a domain worth owning. Netfleet was pleased to snap this domain for our client. It will be interesting to see what they do with this domain name as […]

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Today we saw the purge and subsequent snapping of It was a very exciting auction with the price breaking our previous highest sale of for 30K with more than an hour left on the auction. When the hammer fell at one minute to one we had a new record highest sale price at of $125,001 (xGST). This is the highest publicly recorded sale of a at this time with only the domain included – a clear indicator of how the Australian domain name market has matured over the past few years. Amazingly, this domain was allowed […]

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Two Huge Snapper Days – 28th and 29th June!

On the 28th and 29th June there is an exceptional list of domain names that are due to expire, and will be listed on our Domain Snapper Auctions. The following domain names are in pendingDelete status – which means auDA have instructed the registrar to delete the domain names due to a breach in policy by the registrant. Domain names in pendingDelete can sometimes be contested by the registrant, and un-deleted, however with these domain names this is highly unlikely. Due to the quality of these generic domain names, we wanted to give you a bit of advance notice and […]

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Beginners Guide to Expired Domain Names and Domain Snapper Auctions

We have written a handy beginners guide to expired domain names and the Domain Snapper Auctions. This guide is perfect for newbies who are unsure of what expired domain names are, the process behind how they become available again, why you NEED to know about expired domains, and importantly, how you can snap them! The PDF guide is available here: The beginners guide covers the following sections: What are Expired Domains? What are Domain Snapper Auctions? Why do I care? Get started in 2 minutes – Easy as 1, 2, 3 Can’t Find The Right Domain? Need Help? Contact […]

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Domain Snapper Auctions Affiliate Program

After a successful release of Stage 1 of our Affiliate Program, we are happy to annouce Stage 2 – the much anticipated affiliate program for our Domain Snapper Auctions. We felt that a strong commission structure was essential to jump start the Domain Snapper Auctions affiliate program, that’s why we have made it possible for you to earn a huge 30% commission of the winning bid in the Domain Snapper Auctions from your referrals (if we snap the domain of course!). As an example, earlier this month we successfully snapped for our client who won the auction with a […]

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