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Bug Report

“Names appearing on the wrong day” Recently Netfleet identified a bug in the system which was displaying a small pool of names for auction 24hrs early. Ausregistry publishes its official drop list in UTC time, often with several days worth of data. Netfleet takes this list several times an hour and slices it up into daily auction lists. These lists are converted to AEST with auctions ending at 1pm or during day light saving AEDT with auctions ending at 2pm. As a result names published from Ausregistry as dropping between 3am UTC on day X and 3am UTC on day […]

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Fixed bid option is back!

We have just re-introduced the fixed bid ability in the single domain view again, this time it is available in an optional format so you can place an initial fixed bid if you wish and a backup proxy bid above it too. You’ll notice the Auctions page each domain now has a hyperlink to a single page view. This shows the domain broken down in to it’s simplest view, whilst having all the information you would ever require, just a short click away on the same page. You can read about the different bid options here Bids and Offers on […]

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Merry Christmas from Netfleet

Merry Christmas from Netfleet What happened to 2012?! As ever, it seems to have flown by as 2013 is upon us. It’s hard to believe that is has already been 4 1/2 years since the policy prohibiting Australian domain name sales was lifted. The domain investment community has grown from nothing to a busy, burgeoning industry that we are all part of, and no more so than in the past 12 months, thanks to the enthusiasm of buyers and sellers in our community, and through great domain name forums such as Domain Name Trading on Netfleet in 2012 We […]

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Important Changes to Netfleet – Please Read Carefully

We have been busy updating the look and feel of, and need to make you aware of some important changes that affect you. Auctions We have now merged all the different auction platforms on Netfleet in to the one – Snapper Australia, Snapper New Zealand and the Aftermarket Auctions now sit side by side on the one auction: As usual, we run a daily auction, however now all auctions will finish at the same time each day – 2pm AEST (Sydney time).  This includes New Zealand domains. We have also removed the first bidder discount of $10 from […]

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