Domain Name Sales Activity – 24th August to 28th August

Securing its place as one of the most active weeks for sales at Netfleet, we’ve seen significant interest for expired domains. In fact, in less than a week, we finalised sales for six premium domain names over $1,000! Looking back at the last 11 days, we’re averaging approximately one premium domain name sale per day! This means, if you’re chasing a particular domain, you’ll have to act decisively to secure it.

Making its way to the top of the list for the week, was sold on the 26th of August for $3,459.45. Its new owner, Tan & Tan Australia Pty Ltd, is a company trading with several businesses, including within the finance sector (home and automotive loans). With this business, the company has been using the domain:

Having now secured the equivalent name for the much more popular TLD, the business is very well placed to receive a boost in web traffic and generate potential new business. Securing the equivalent domain is something we wrote about recently, and it’s great to see one of our customers has done exactly this through an astute purchase!

Also selling on the same day, for a price of $2,698.25, was Another company trading with several business names, it is likely this domain was picked up for investment purposes, or on behalf of a client. After all, with the premium that two letter domains provide, it’s foreseeable that someone else could be prepared to offer more to benefit from the short, and memorable, nature of the name.

Next up, was settled for a final sum of $2,117.45. With its three letter name serving as an abbreviation, it was no surprise to see the new owner of this domain being CGH Group Pty Ltd, a company that is also known as Corestaff – a recruitment specialist in the mining, construction and energy industries. A perfect fit aligning the domain and company name, we expect to see a strong brand developed, which will in turn help with marketing efforts.

With its SEO-rich keywords, it was only a matter of time before was snapped up – in this instance, for a very modest sum of $1,699.45. When it comes to marketing properties within the real estate industry, there are few assets more valuable than a strong, descriptive domain with an exact match.

Serving as another example of how desirable it is to align a domain with your company name, we were pleased to see end up with Headlands Distilling Company Pty Ltd. Selling earlier for a fee of $1,314.45, the company now has the foundation from which they can launch their image to customers in a recognisable manner.

Last but not least, we were thrilled to help Sunraysia Pipes and Products secure the equivalent of their current domain. Currently using, the business has now secured We have little doubt this domain will quickly deliver returns that far exceed the cost of $1,094.45.

After all, the fact that this domain was picked up means that someone else may have been using it previously, so the owner has effectively safeguarded the virtual naming rights of their brand. They’re also far less likely to lose potential web traffic, and customers, including those who were previously forgetting to type This is no longer a worry and the owner can point the two domains.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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