Domain Name Sales Activity – 29th August to 11th September

Spring is upon us, and with a change of seasons it appears some business owners were keen to secure themselves a new domain through Netfleet. The last fortnight saw three premium domain names sell for in excess of $1,000, with each representing a high quality purchase at great prices.

Our highest selling domain across the last fortnight went to, which sold on the 2nd of September for a final sum of $3,679.45. A fitting purchase, the new owner in instance is none other than Openpay Pty Ltd, an online payment facilitation business that also operates under the name Jam Payments Pty Ltd.

While Australians only make 10 Google searches per month for the terms “open pay”, this is one instance where the new owner will be able to align their brand and domain. Given the brand is somewhat new in this instance (as the company has been operating with the aforementioned Jam Payments name), one can expect search traffic to increase when marketing efforts kick off. Having been incorporated for several years, it would seem this is a patient acquisition for the business, and one that should help them grow via a memorable name.

Sliding into second place this edition, was snapped up by Southbank Constructions Pty Ltd for $1,699.45. Although at first glance it might appear there is little to tie the company to the domain name, in fact, it aligns with the individual registrant behind the company.

Securing a domain that aligns with one’s personal name is a practice sometimes adopted by entrepreneurial business owners with a vision to build a ‘wider’ brand. With this domain being three letters, there’s also a higher intrinsic value if said owner decides to part ways with the name in the future.

Taking out the bronze medal this time around was, which went to another company involved within the building industry, Residential Building WA Pty Ltd. The transaction was settled for $1,149.45, and regardless of its intended use, appears to represent sound value.

Firstly, not only does the name contain a very catchy and well-known idiom, but it’s also a short one at that. Furthermore, the phrase is often applied across a series of contextual applications. In the business realm, a name such as this would likely hold value to companies operating within the fashion and/or design space. This is a positive as whenever you have a name targeted to more than one sector, you increase the chances of a bidding war should you resell the name.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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