Domain Name Sales Activity – 7th November to 4th December

As we roll into December and prepare to farewell another year, we’ve seen business owners take a more subdued approach to domaining. In their place however, domainers have remained engaged and picked up some great value names. The trend this time saw keyword domains take centre stage, with descriptive titles appearing to take the fancy of domainers. We detail the registrations here in our latest premium domain name sales report.

Starting our list this time around, was scooped up for $1,755.55. The new registrant, a Queensland-based full service online marketing solution business, will no doubt have attained this name for one of its end user clients. With a large percentage of search traffic for the term audiologist coming from audiences in the Northern Territory and Victoria, it’s conceivable that most interest for the name could come from outside the business’ operating location. Nonetheless, with the name targeted towards a very specific group of customers (health care providers), the domain could allow an end user to propel themselves ahead of their peers within the field of audiology through better publicity.

Our second entry, and also registered by the same marketing solution business than above, was One of the emerging categories within the tourism and hospitality sector, the area of travel focusing on the natural environment, conservation and the wildlife only looks set to continue growing.

Representing a powerful opportunity for a tourism information business or travel agency to snap up the name as an end user, we’d be surprised if the new registrant doesn’t turn a generous profit in the process – particularly when you consider they landed a bargain for it by paying $1,148.35. The keyword’s most prominent search traffic comes from Tasmania, Northern Territory and Queensland, which perhaps is no surprise when you consider some of the diverse natural environment in each respective location.

The third domain to make our premium sales report is As we alluded to earlier, this domain was registered by a domain investment company, whom we are sure will be looking to make this a standout investment. While it is a longer name that might give way to a few misspellings, we believe this has been reasonably factored into the purchase price of $1,028.45. Further, the strength associated in combining a generic keyword with a location will help target the name towards specific end user businesses within Queensland.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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