Domain Snapper Auctions Affiliate Program

After a successful release of Stage 1 of our Affiliate Program, we are happy to annouce Stage 2 – the much anticipated affiliate program for our Domain Snapper Auctions.

We felt that a strong commission structure was essential to jump start the Domain Snapper Auctions affiliate program, that’s why we have made it possible for you to earn a huge 30% commission of the winning bid in the Domain Snapper Auctions from your referrals (if we snap the domain of course!).

As an example, earlier this month we successfully snapped for our client who won the auction with a high bid of $16,223 AUD. Should you have referred that client, you would have earned a 30% commission, and we would be writing you a cheque for a whopping $4,866.90 AUD – and that’s just for one domain. In addition, that same referred client would be attributed to you for a whole 12 months – meaning you could keep on earning for the entire year!

How To Become An Affiliate

To become an affiliate with Netfleet of Netfleet, logon to the Members Area and choose the Affiliate Program. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, and follow the prompts to activate your affiliate account. It’s that simple. Once activated, you will see your unique affiliate link, suggested links and banners, and the all important revenue and statistics for your affiliate account to date.

Your affiliate hyperlink will look similar to this:

Once you have your unique affiliate hyperlink, you can email it to prospect clients, put it on your website, tweet it on Twitter, post on Facebook, add to forums – the list goes on. If an interested party clicks on your link, and goes through to Netfleet, we attempt to track the referral using cookie technology and you will be attributed to the referral on sign up.

If you have already activated your Netfleet affiliate account – don’t worry – your unique affiliate link works for all affiliate programs. Just keep on doing what you have been doing!

The Commission Structure

The following details the commission strucutre for the Domain Snapper Auctions affiliate program:

Tier Commission Entry Point
1 10% Available immediately.
2 20% $2,000 AUD or more of combined winning bid value in a calendar month.
3 30% $3,000 AUD or more of combined winning bid value in a calendar month.

Full details can be found in the Members Area under the Affiliate Program section:

If you have any questions, need help with activation, or how to use your unique affiliate link, please get in touch and we would be happy to assist

Best wishes,

The Netfleet Team

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