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As you may or may not know, Netfleet.com.au has always been a classified listing site for your domain names, with no end dates for listings, and the process following a traditional offer and counter offer system. However, after much development, we are now extremely happy to announce the complete release of our Domain Aftermarket Auction platform to complement our standard platform. We have run a couple of auctions to test various sales and bidding options, and fine tune our system, and we are now satisfied that the platform is fit to sell your domain names today!

Hurry, Places Are Limited!

We will be running our Domain Aftermarket Auctions every single week, each running for 7 days, from Tuesday to Tuesday. In order to maximise sales for each and every auction, we have decided to limit the number of domains in each auction, therefore concentrating bidding energy in to just a few select domains each week. This nurtures a high level of activity for every single auction, ensuring that quality is not diluted between domains, and your domain is not lost in the crowd.

How to Submit Your Domains

Submitting your domains is a two minute process. Once logged in to the Members Area, click Add Domains to start the step by step wizard. Follow the prompts, and from there you can choose your domain name, preferred auction date and reserve pricing. Then, sit back and relax and watch the bids roll in!

Want to know more?

For a detailed breakdown on our new sales platform, please read the Domain Aftermarket Auctions User Guide on Netfleet. Equally, do not hesitate to Contact Us should you require further information.

All the best,

The Netfleet Team

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