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What to Consider if You Change Your Domain Name

Previously, we’ve discussed the merits associated with multiple domain names, including pointing secondary names to redirect to your primary domain. However, there is also another situation registrants should pay attention to, especially business owners. In this particular instance, we’re referring to registrants who opt to change their domain name and no longer retain the old name. What many business registrants fail to recognise, is that their domain name is often part of the brand they are operating. That is, customers know and associate a particular domain with the company, even if the two are not necessarily aligned. In essence, you […]

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Domain Pointing: Why Two Names are Better than One

Last time, we brought you everything you needed to know about choosing a TLD, and the importance of having a domain. In our piece, we suggested that web owners and domainers with a preference for domains should, at the very least, acquire and point the equivalent towards the aforementioned site. But in doing so, among those who are new to domain names, we often hear the same concerns raised by worried business owners: “Everybody knows me by my current domain! I don’t want to change!” Sure, at first it might seem like the prospect of all that […]

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