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Domain Name Sales Activity – 27th February to 5th March

Another week has passed and our domain sales continue to come through thick and fast. In fact, recently we’ve experienced some of our strongest demand for premium domain names. This time, 6 high quality names were sold within the space of a week. was the top seller for the week, with the domain changing hands for a total sum of $1,897.45. We haven’t initially been able to establish what the new registrant might use the name for, and it currently remains parked with Netfleet. However, as with most acronym names, it’s fair to say this one has an underlying […]

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Your Chance to Claim Gold

Every so often, here at Netfleet we’re involved in the sale of a domain name that we know will capture the attention of the domain name community. This time, we’re confident our latest high profile domain, will eclipse several records. What makes us so confident? First of all, a name of this nature has broad appeal to a wide range of people. Not only would domainers be eyeing the sale with a view to make an investment in a potentially lucrative asset, but end users would also stand to gain from access to this web address. Besides gold being […]

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How to Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

When it comes to building the prominence of your website, Domain Authority is one of the most critical components. For those unfamiliar with the criteria, Domain Authority is a metric (a score out of 100) which is used amongst web gurus and domainers to gauge traffic flow and ranking in Google searches – relative to other websites. The metric is formulated from a number of different components – the most prolific of these is backlinks, however others include content quality, loading times, web traffic and domain age. Backlinks are the number and quality of links that point towards your site […]

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