Important Changes to Netfleet – Please Read Carefully

We have been busy updating the look and feel of, and need to make you aware of some important changes that affect you.


We have now merged all the different auction platforms on Netfleet in to the one – Snapper Australia, Snapper New Zealand and the Aftermarket Auctions now sit side by side on the one auction:

As usual, we run a daily auction, however now all auctions will finish at the same time each day – 2pm AEST (Sydney time).  This includes New Zealand domains.

We have also removed the first bidder discount of $10 from all of our auctions, to remain consistent across the auctions.  Furthermore for consistency, all starting bids in our Auctions are $10, unless there is a reserve set.   All current domains in the what was called Aftermarket Auctions, have retained their default reserve of $100, however new domains added to our auctions will have a starting bid of $10, unless you set a reserve (which is free if your domain is with Netfleet).

For expired domain names, we have removed the standard cost of registration previously charged, and replaced it with a Buyers Premium (see below).

8% Commission for Domain Catalogue

Previously called our Standard Catalogue Listings, now renamed to Domain Catalogue, we are now charging 8% commission on final sale price.  The final sale price also no longer includes GST (if applicable depending on the sellers GST status).   All existing Domain Catalogue listings that have a Buy Now price, have automatically been increased by 8%.

Buyers Premium

The Buyers Premium is charged to all buyers on Netfleet, and includes the change of registrant cost/new registration cost, administration, and securely managing funds.   This amount is in addition to the winning bid amount, or offer amount, and is mandatory for all domains bought on Netfleet.

The Buyers Premium is $49.95 inc GST.

It is important to note in the case of expired domains for Australia and New Zealand, this fee replaces the cost of registration fee that applied before, which equates to the same charge.

We hope you enjoy the new Netfleet, if you have any question as ever, please Contact Us.
The Netfleet Team

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