Domain portfolio management simplified with folders

Domain Management Filters and FoldersAs a company focused on servicing the needs of domain name traders it it only fitting that we upgrade our Domain Management tools to help you manage large portfolios of domain names. So with this in mind we listened to your feedback on forums like and have added domain categorisation, or as we call it folders to help you organise your domains.

Do you have more than 100 domains and wanted to find all the domains expiring in 90 days, that are using as a nameserver and have auto-renew set to off? Well this information is now just 3 clicks away as we have added a few filters to help you find specific domains. Like a drop down list of all the name servers you are using and the ability to filter by domains with auto-renew enabled or off. At this point our bulk tools will prove to be very useful as you might choose to renew them all or even update their name servers.

If you have been sitting on the fence wondering if it is worth the effort of transferring your domains then now is the time to act. Remember transfers of domains between .au Registrars is always FREE and we offer domain renewals and Change of Registrant for $18.43 (for 2 years).


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