tops the Standard Catalogue Listing sales

With the sale of this month we now have a two way tie at the top of our Top Standard Catalogue Listing Sales between and at $27,500 (xGST and Transfer costs).

It is worth remembering that very few big sales ever get reported publicly so this is a rare opportunity for us to see the true retail value of a quality generic domain name.

The domain sale was negotiated through Netfleet’s Standard Catalogue Listing process which is currently a totally free service offered to buyer and sellers of .au domain names.

Once the sale price was agreed in mid Aug, the system exchanged the contact details for the two parties who then negotiated the payment terms and completed the Transfer (Change of Registrant) process this week.

We look forward to seeing what the new owner of this domain will do with the domain name over the next year or so.

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One Response to “ tops the Standard Catalogue Listing sales”
  1. Ross Turetsky

    That’s a decent amount for

    I wonder what is worth as I own it.

    Maybe the person who bought the domain should have approached me first and I would have sold for much less (although understandably it is worth less because of the dash between the words).

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