Domain Name Sales Activity – 17th April to 30th April (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this domain name sales report, we detail the top 4 selling names between the 17th of April and the 30th of April. The first part of the report detailed the other 4 names involved in the last fortnight of premium sales, with descriptive keywords featuring prominently.

Overall, as the fifth highest selling name from the last fortnight, features as the only three letter acronym on the list. Supported by a short, memorable and unique identifier, the name was exchanged for $2,964.45. Acronyms are known to fetch prices well in excess of this value, predominantly because of the broad based demand they attract from a range of clients. As such, they are often favoured by domainers who identify the opportunity to resell the name to a direct user for a premium.

In what was a rare transaction involving a 2 letter domain name, we were proud to be involved in the exchange of Predictably, the name fetched an impressive price, but even then at $4,999.45 it would appear there may still be plenty of value left on the table. Something that the registrant appears to believe as they look to resell the name. Like acronym names, 2 letter domains are valued at a premium due to their short nature, which also lend themselves to use by mobile users.

One of our regular customers recently saw an opportunity to add to their existing domain portfolio, landing for $11,049.45. As a direct keyword for services, the name is likely to attract interest from end users operating cleaning businesses with scale. That is, a company with operations across multiple locations, or via franchises.

Google Trends illustrates what is, for the most part, consistent search interest apart from Christmas, when there is a notable decline. Domains with hyphens can be a stumbling block for direct entry searches, however, the nature of searches affiliated with this domain would be more likely through web searches rather than direct entries.

Our number 1 seller from the last fortnight managed to crack the $20,000 mark. In fact, the name, was landed for a final sum of $24,799.45 by a partnership involving 2 trusts. This makes the name our highest seller for the year. The trusts involved in the transaction represent separate accounting and financial services firms that are merging to form a new entity. While the web domain is not affiliated with either existing business’ name, it does offer a memorable and ‘brandworthy’ name. It is predominantly for this reason, as well as a consistent level of search interest, that the domain has attracted such a premium.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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The Netfleet Team

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