Domain Name Sales Activity – 7th August to 23rd August

Following a quiet patch from mid-July to early August, Netfleet has seen a bumper period where no less than six premium domain names were sold. As with every edition of our sales blogs, we’ll provide you analysis on the domains, as well as any emerging trends.

The highest selling domain for this period was, selling for a total of $11,062.65. The name was acquired by a sole trader connected to the business, an insurance provider within the car and housing markets. This owner also picked up the next highest selling domain, acquiring the similarly named for $5,549.45.

As Australians becoming increasingly receptive to changing their insurance provider in search of a better deal, both domains offer strong keywords which are likely to resonate with internet users. The long term search trend for the terms “budget insurance” and “budget car insurance” have steadily increased, while seasonally, there appears to be a notable increase in search volume between December and January as people go on holidays. Furthermore, these two domains will allow their new owner to separate the services they provide, while also attracting web traffic from more than one source.

Next up, two letter domain was sold for $3,851.05. In this instance, the buyer was 295 Productions Pty Ltd, a company operating in the cinema production and creation space. While it remains to be seen what the domain will be used for, one observation that can be made is that the domain aligns with the abbreviation of its owner’s name, suggesting the potential for the name to serve personal use.

And in the case the owner were to use the domain for investment purposes, two letter domains always carry superior liquidity, even more so when the term can be used as a common abbreviation – for example, as an abbreviation for the words “joke”, “just kidding”, business names, and so forth.

Making a unique appearance in our list is a rare numerical domain, While domains with numbers can sometimes create confusion among their target market, the well-known nature of the 1300 number is likely to defy this trend. Selling for $1,810.55, the market value of numerical domains is hard to define, however, a memorable one such as this is certain to attract high liquidity given it can be used for a variety of business related purposes.

Earlier in the month, traded ownership for a total sum of $1,360.65. While search engine data for the domain is low, the new owner, a sole trader, has opted to park the domain and advertise it for resale. This suggests the owner believes there is potential for monetisation. Among potential target buyers, it is foreseeable the domain could be suited to a multitude of SMEs operating within the financial advisory or wealth management sectors.

Completing this edition’s list is a generic word domain name, Sitting comfortably within the premium price range, was acquired for $1,356.55. Since its sale on the 7th of August, the name appears to have been registered with a domain brokering business. Analysing the domain’s search traffic, it is little surprise search volume for the term “bourbon” spikes significantly in December from year to year – after all, there’s a reason December is known as the festive season!

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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