Domain Name Sales Activity – 18th April to 1st May

The last fortnight saw a flurry of activity towards the end of April, with no less than five premium domain names being purchased through Netfleet.

The largest sale was recorded on the 29th of April, for the notable sum of $17,869.45. The domain in question was, which now ranks as the 22nd highest selling domain through our site! With a name that is highly optimised for SEO, it is little surprise Google Trends illustrates a long term increase in local search traffic for the words “compare loans”, with peaks occurring each time there has been a change in the Reserve Bank’s interest rates – something that is widely speculated to occur again this year.

With several major players in the finance industry who currently operate loan comparison services, this is one domain that several companies will be disappointed to have missed out on. In the meantime, we’re quietly confident that this investor has done well to secure a domain with targeted appeal and excellent liquidity.

Yesterday we saw the sale of another finance related domain, suggesting there might be some heightened demand for such services as we approach the last two months of the financial year. On this occasion, was exchanged for $2,139.45. The new owner of this domain is, who currently detail the elements of web design, marketing, and shopping cart software in relation to ecommerce activities. This newly acquired domain provides an opportunity for the business to expand its scope of content, or branch into another area of finance – in turn, boosting web traffic. The term “debt calculator” has also seen a steady uptrend in search volume over the last decade, serviced by a spike in activity at the end/beginning of each financial year – reinforcing the high value of a matching name like this.

The third highest selling domain for the period 18th April to 1st May was, which sold on the 30th of April for $1,528.95. This single word domain has high relation to arts, trades, crafts, and even food, meaning there are an assortment of businesses that could benefit from this name. With a short, memorable title, accompanied by an optimised level of SEO, this domain is likely to increase web traffic for its end user.

Making up the remaining premium domain names from this period were and Starting with the former, was sold on the 26th of April for $1,158.25. As we move towards a more ‘mobile’ work culture, and one that places greater emphasis on collaboration, this domain shares ties with a general trend in the market. It is also likely to capture local web traffic as well as foreign web traffic, particularly since the name in question contains a reference for Australia as a target market for countries who might fulfil outsourcing activities.

With regards to the second domain,, one lucky individual picked this up on the 24th of April for the bargain price of $1,150.55! The new owner, an Australian landscape photographer who uses specialised large format panoramic cameras, is currently using the site to redirect to his personal site ( In this instance, with “shoot” being a strong reference to the photography industry, as well as a short, punchy name, the owner is likely to attract a significant increase in his web traffic that will boost sales of his prints. We’re still wondering how this domain went so cheap!

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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