Weekly Domain Name Summary – 11th April to 17th April

The last week was a relatively quiet one for local domain names sold through Netfleet, but that didn’t stop a couple of our customers picking up a great deal.

The highest sale for the week was for the domain name titled rock.com.au, which was secured by its new owner on the 12th of April for $3,679.45. There are an endless amount of related keywords that accompany this name when performing a standard Google search – in fact, around 1.77B search results are found for things such as: music, celebrity profiles, products, services, sayings and the like. When assessing the number of searches that are performed by an Australian Google audience, approximately 6,600 searches are conducted for the direct term ‘’rock’’ – a considerable amount, and a number that should bring in notable visitors.

Combined, these factors demonstrate the domain name has considerable appeal to a wide variety of target audiences, meaning there is a great deal of liquidity in the name and that it will serve incredibly well as an investment for the owner. Should the owner decide to auction this domain in the future, we’d be surprised if it isn’t worth a whole lot more the next time it is up for grabs!

Our other notable sale for the week was for voi.com.au, selling for the bargain price of $1149.45 on the 14th of April. Another of our highly sought after three letter domain names, the new owner is Perth-based company ‘Voi Organics’ – an online retailer selling a range of organic health and skincare products including face, body and baby care concentrates.

With the business currently using a longer domain name, voiorganics.com.au, the owner now has the added flexibility of choosing a primary domain name and redirecting traffic from the other one. Furthermore, this shorter domain name will certainly help the business with its SEO as it is likely to capture additional web traffic through Google searches for the acronym “voi” – a term that is searched for 660 times per month by Australians. This direct match will also allow the business to improve the results of its marketing efforts, with a shorter name more recognisable and easier to remember amongst its target audience.

In news from abroad, the two highest sales of the week went to cak.com and L40.com. The former of the two domains, cak.com, went for a reported figure of US$38,800 – few details were immediately available, however, a Google search for the term indicates it may have once been assigned for use by the Cardiology Associates of Kentucky. Meanwhile, the latter of the two domains, L40.com, was sold for a sum of US$30,500. Some observers remained sceptical of the transaction however, particularly since the most relatable keyword for the term ‘’L40’’ refers to an obsolete phone manufactured by LG.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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