Netfleet Alerts – New Tool To Track Domains/Industry/Niches

Tired of sifting through lists and lists of domains? Only interested in a specific industry or niche? Well, you’ll be happy to know we’ve developed a brand new tool to help – Netfleet Alerts. The Netfleet Alert service monitors domains added to Netfleet for sale, or that are due to expire and appear in our Snapper Auctions, and emails alerts based on the keywords or domain names entered:

You don’t need to register with Netfleet to use it, you just enter your industry/niche keywords or domains and away you go. If a positive match is found, it will email you matches, and direct you to where you can acquire the domain, which is either Snapper Auctions, Aftermarket Auctions or Standard Catalogue Listings. Ideal for those of you who don’t want to continually check for certain domains – you just enter their domain or keyword, and forget about it. The Netfleet Alerts service will keep tabs for you.

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