breaking all records

City Apparments Investment Property Today we saw the purge and subsequent snapping of It was a very exciting auction with the price breaking our previous highest sale of for 30K with more than an hour left on the auction. When the hammer fell at one minute to one we had a new record highest sale price at of $125,001 (xGST). This is the highest publicly recorded sale of a at this time with only the domain included – a clear indicator of how the Australian domain name market has matured over the past few years. Amazingly, this domain was allowed to expire by the previous registrant.

It will be interesting to see what the new registrant, Steven Rollan of MAD CAT PTY LIMITED, will do with this high quality name in a market which is very close to home for most investors.

I’d personally love to know why the previous registrant, Anthony Ziino of INVESTMENT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, did not renew the name but suspect that I’ll never find out.

Thanks to all the participants in today’s auction who saw value in this domain, as we only charge $1 more than the next highest bidder, so without a bit of competition this name could have been snapped for as little as $10.

5 Responses to “ breaking all records”
  1. Gne Downs

    Nice price, but what protection does the previous owner or holder have against exploitation (corruption) of forcing a holder out of a domain or domains ? "Is Your Domains Worth More Than Your Business" Cheers

    • Mark

      That is auDA’s job really – they govern the .au domain name space, and should protect the interests of registrants in this way.

  2. Mat

    Hi guys

    When’s your auction platform going to re-open? I have a bunch of domains I want to be auctioning in the next month.


    • Mark

      Hoping 3-4 weeks Mat…could be less. It is our primary goal at the moment

      Will keep you posted


  3. Sean

    A huge day for domain names in Australia as people are fast becoming more aware of the value of a premium generic domain name for their business success.

    This will probably increase awareness to many that a generic domain name is often worth more than gold or in this case a new mercedes or 3…

    Good luck to the new owner who has just bought themselves also a lot of worldwide free advertising probably worth more than the price they paid for the name!

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