Domain Aftermarket Auction – Technology Special

Domain Aftermarket Auction – Technology Special

Due to the success of our first Domain Aftermarket Auction on Netfleet, we are happy to announce its return in the form of a TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL, which is now open for your bids. The quality of these domain names is first class. Just skimming down the list shows a plethora of one word generic domain names that are at the absolute top of their food chain. Getting to the top of Google or Yahoo using the power of these domains goes without saying. Deciding on which domain, or domains you want, will be the hard part.

These domain names will only be for sale in our auction for 7 days. Do not miss out on the opportunity to buy a domain name that can build a business and visit the Domain Aftermarket Auction today. Without further ado, lets see which technology related domain names are going under the hammer:
How To Bid
Bidding on these premium domain names couldn’t be easier. Simply login with your Netfleet username and password, enter your maximum bid for any domain names you choose, and click submit. The colour coded legend on the right will indicate how successful your bid was, showing either red, or green, with a full explanation of why (you were outbid, you are winning etc).

We appreciate you do not have every hour of the day to increase your bid price should you be beaten by a higher bid, so have incorporated maximum bidding, or proxy bidding in to the platform. This means every bid you enter should be your maximum, and the system will automatically bid on your behalf, only ever $1 higher than the previous bid. For example, if you enter a bid of $200 for a domain, and another users subsequently bids $150, the system will automatically bid you up to $151, meaning you would still be winning the auction.

Bidding is underway right now, closing at Fri, 27th Aug 2010 15:00:00 AEST, so to secure your chance of acquiring one of these premium .au domain names, check out our Domain Aftermarket Auctions right now:

Good luck!

The Netfleet Team

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