Domain Name Sales Activity – 8th May to 21st May

Can you believe that we’re almost in June already? Another federal budget has been brought to the table and we’re approaching the home straight for the financial year. Premium domain sales are still coming through thick and fast, with another 4 joining the tally over the last fortnight.

Kicking off this report, we were delighted to see a 2 letter domain take out top spot. The domain in question should come as a familiar sight to some, with the name sure to have been high up on the list of most desirable domains. What may come as a surprise however, is the relative affordability with which the name was registered. In total, the domainer who landed the name paid $8,097.05. Sure, it’s not a small sum, but it’s certainly at the upper end of the scale for value!

It goes without saying that a 2 letter name is just about as good as it gets for end users. An extremely short name, and in this instance one that is familiar to almost everyone for its abbreviation as an employment term – curriculum vitae. Because of this appeal, the name offers vast liquidity for domainers as an investment. The name is also somewhat ‘defensive’ in nature, whereby it attracts a stable level of search interest even in the midst of economic issues. In fact, during the GFC the domain’s search interest remained stable. In saying this, December does show signs of a slowdown as employers generally postpone recruitment at this time of year.

Our second highest selling domain from the last fortnight was also picked up by a domainer, suggesting investors are keeping an eye out for a bargain before tax time. On this occasion, the name is, which was secured for a final price of $1,814.95. One of the important aspects of being a domainer is establishing a portfolio of names that have appeal to a broad range of end users. This domain would do so with developers, realtors, service providers to name a few. Furthermore, holding complementary names in your portfolio can sometimes amount to bundled transactions, but portfolio diversity is important.

Our third name is a geographically focused keyword service. The domain,, was registered by a family trust for $1,622.45. Google Trends search interest has, for the most part, been relatively subdued over the last 5 years. Predictably, the origin of this interest has come from Victoria. It is reasonable to assume that the end use of the name may be as a secondary redirect to a particular accounting business, thus targeting a second catchment of web traffic. Alternatively, it may be used for an aggregator website listing various accounting businesses across Melbourne. In the case of the latter, a direct match would be highly beneficial for a business of this nature.

Completing this sales report is a 3 letter acronym, In what could be a great pickup for the registrant, a physio and psychology services business, the price of $1,303.45 represents good value for a domain of this sort. 3 letter names may usually fetch a higher price because of their qualities which support business growth, so we’ll keep an eye out on how the acquirer uses this one.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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