Domain Name Sales Activity – 22nd May to 11th June

It’s been a while since our last sales update, but that’s only given the buyers out there a chance to cash up and collect some quality names. Business oriented domains were the names of choice in the last few weeks, with several companies stepping in to pick up descriptive keyword names.

The highest selling domain for the period was in the legal sector, with exceeding the $5,000 mark. In fact, including commissions, the name was picked up for $5,549.45 by Walker Law Pty Ltd. Those within the legal industry would be familiar with the acronym “WIRO”. However, for those outside the sector, it should be worth noting that “WIRO” stands for WorkCover Independent Review Office.

In this instance, the legal firm who picked up the domain is a WIRO approved business, and also works with the body to help with grants of legal assistance. Given the importance of the acronym within the workers compensation legal sector, Walker Law are well positioned to capture search traffic relative to other legal providers who are also approved by the body. This could make a notable difference in attracting new clients and growing billable hours.

Next is a particularly niche and peculiar domain. Last week, was registered for the total sum of $1,831.45. Some people out there might question the value a name like this could afford its new registrant, however, this is indeed a very astute acquisition. From what we’ve been able to gauge, the new registrant, Friarrun Pty Ltd, operates supermarkets under the name Jefferies Family Supermarket. As such, the business has been using this long domain name as its official website. With a shorter and more memorable domain in its possession, it is almost inevitable the company will retain both names and use them to redirect to the same site. This will help prevent a potential loss of web traffic associated with longer domain names.

One of our past business clients is back to add a new name to their portfolio. On this occasion, Armstrong Legal has registered, paying $1,479.45 in the process. As alluded to earlier, there is a competitive advantage for legal firms to own domain names which correspond with common legal search terms. Having a generic yet descriptive name like assault lawyer can generate a new wave of web traffic if utilized correctly with appropriate SEO optimization.

Another descriptive name makes the cut, with our 4th highest selling domain from the last 3 weeks. While business owners have featured among the buyers so far, this name was attained by one of our regular domainers. The search interest for the term ‘diamond wedding rings’ is at the volatile end of the scale, including some regular and considerable peaks across the last 5 years. There would be no shortage of jewellers interested in a name like this, so we’re confident the name will be able to deliver a return on its $1,137.35 price tag when resold.

Last but not least, the above domainer has also secured a second name in This domain aligns with one of the domainer’s current registered businesses, offering them further flexibility with regards to using it as a related term for their earthworks business, or instead holding onto it as an investment that would attract interest from end users in the machine hire industry among others. For the lowly price of $1,040.55, we think it’s a great purchase.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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