Some figures on how the domain name aftermarket is faring.

As we say goodbye to summer, we wanted to share some figures on how the domain name aftermarket is faring, particularly on Netfleet.

We’re happy to say that business is booming! In November, as you will know, we integrated our aftermarket domain auctions into our daily snapper auctions for expired domains. The rationale was that it seemed that the expired domain auctions were stealing the limelight when there were some great names being put up for sale by you, our members, that deserved more attention.

We also made it completely free to add reserves if your name is at Netfleet meaning there’s absolutely no risk in listing even your best domain names and testing the market.

These changes had an immediate impact. From a rather meager 29 aftermarket sales in October, we recorded 106 in November. The momentum held and December, January and February all showed strong monthly increases with the numbers of sales 188, 274 and 319 respectively.

Graph showing Count of Aftermarket Sales at

Count of Aftermarket Sales

Whilst the auctions have proven to be the big driver for aftermarket sales, the standard listings have also seen a jump in activity albeit a bit later. From just 8 standard listing sales in December, we saw 21 in January and 23 in February. Importantly, the standard listing sales have consistently significantly achieved higher prices per domains with the total value of these 44 sales over the last two months amounting to $48,892.

Suffice to say that aftermarket domains have been booming. Conversely prices at our daily expired snapper auctions have been weak over the last few months. So, it certainly seems to be a buyers’ market on the expired domains and a sellers’ market for anyone holding premium Australian domains. So get your unused premium domains added to the auction or listed in the catalogue now and check out the bargains in today’s no reserve auction!

Anyway enough of the analysis, here is another graph to illustrate the sales. Please ask any questions or let us know your feedback in the comments below!

Graph showing value of aftermarket sales at

Value of Aftermarket Sales

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